The Microplane brand has become synonymous around the world for its excellent range of graters and planes, offering an exceptionally sharp and accurate cutting surface. The Microplane brand developed from very humble beginnings, starting when a Canadian housewife tried using one of her husband’s woodworking tools as a zester for her Armenian Orange cake. After a few trials and cake wins later, Microplane has established itself as a leading brand, offering a vast range of graters for both home and professional use.
What makes Microplane so unique is the design and production of the cutting surface. Rather than using a stamping process, which creates teeth that are often dull and tears food, Microplane has developed a surface that is made from a chemical process that etches and forms ultra sharp edges. This means that it cuts effortlessly through hard and soft foods to maximise flavour and taste. With a stainless steel blade that offers a lightweight yet strong construction, the Microplane range is at the leading edge of grating technology.

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