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Become the Waffle King or Queen and create delectable classics with our excellent range of electric Waffle Makers and attachments from popular cooking brands Cuisinart and Breville. Your Home Depot stocks an excellent range of Kitchen Appliances, Knives, Bakeware, Cookware plus more!

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  • Cuisinart 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker 25.5 x 36 x 11cm WLH

    Fresh baked waffles make mouth-watering desserts and indulgent family breakfasts, and this appliance prepares them in a flash without the fuss. Go beyond breakfast to dinner and make savoury waffles with the Cuisinart 4-slice Belgian Waffle Maker.

    This reliable, high-performance waffle iron has an elegant stainless steel top. It makes deep-pocket waffles that hold more toppings for more delicious options! Five-setting controls create customized results to meet all tastes.

    The Cuisinart 4-slice Belgian Waffle Maker features non-stick hotplates which bake the traditional pattern into the mixture and divide the 25mm thick waffle into four generous 110mm square quarters.

    Built-in features include power-on light, ready to bake / ready to eat light, browning control dial, audible alarm and cord tidy.

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    RRP: $149.00


  • Breville Smart Waffle 4 Slice Waffle Maker BWM640

    Waffle are pretty good aren't they?

    Served with topping and ice-cream and they are even better. Good waffle batters though, start with sticky ingredients.

    How do you make crispy golden waffles without the mess?

    Breville has come up with the solution, and created the Smart Waffle Pro, a Belgian style waffle maker complete with its own moat. Now when we say moat, we actually mean a wraparound catcher that collects and cooks overflow for easy cleaning.It also uses die cast aluminium cooking plates coated in Premium PFOA Non-Stick, to reduce stickiness for more waffle. But there is a little bit more than that. ‘Waffle IQ’ automatically adjusts the cooking time for you.

    With batter functions and browning control, you can cook your waffles just how you like them. And if they are not quite perfect, ‘A Bit More’ will brown it just that little bit more. It’s all these subtleties that give you maximum control, and cook how you want. Enjoy it with the Smart Waffle Pro from Breville.

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    RRP: $329.00


  • Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker WAF-V100A

    Why a Cuisinart vertical waffle maker specifically, you ask? Well, lots of reasons! Saving valuable work space, with the Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker on your kitchen benchtop you will never have to guess mixture quantities again and it’s childs play to cook the perfect, gold Belgian waffle every time. Everyone loves waffles with deep pockets to hold fresh berries, soak up silken puree, syrups and ice cream or if savoury toppings are your chosen flavour hit, you will know all about cheddar, cornmeal and potato waffles. Whatever gets your tastebuds going, you will want to cook them in this exceptional appliance from the progressive team at Cuisinart. The non-stick plates have an easy to clean BPA-free coating and you can dial up the colour of your cooked waffles with the 5 pre-set temperature settings. A lighted indicator will let you know when the appliance is ready for you to add the batter to begin cooking and when the waffle is ready to be served … we love the simplicity and so will you. With comprehensive instructions and so easy to clean, this will be a time saving family favourite producing one extra large Belgian style waffle with 4 sections to share with the family at breakfast time. Learn More

    RRP: $149.00


  • Breville Crepe Creations

    Master the art of France's signature dessert with the Breville Crepe Creations. This tool will allow you to create delicate and light textured homemade crepes to enjoy in a matter of seconds. The cooking plate is non-stick for healthy cooking and easy cleaning, featuring a temperature selection switch to give you control how you want your masterpiece cooked. The Breville Crepe Creations also includes batter tool assists in spreading batter thinly and evenly over the cooking plate to achieve an authentic result. Learn More

    RRP: $89.95


  • Breville Crisp Control Waffle Maker

    Makes delicious waffles just the way you like them with the Breville Crisp Control Waffle Maker. Featuring a variable temperature dial to customise your waffle colour, you can easily make waffles for those who prefer them light and fluffy or brown and crispy. The Breville Crisp Control Waffle maker will make six traditional Scandinavian style heart waffles in minutes that will suit everyone’s taste. The wide sealing edges and non-stick coating will minimise food spillage and allow for quick and easy cleaning, allowing you more time to sit down and enjoy your waffles! Learn More

    RRP: $74.95


  • Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker

    Make delicious golden waffles in minutes with the Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker. Featuring a wide non-stick wrap around moat, this waffle maker will catch and cook mixture overflow meaning no mess to clean-up on your table. The thermal engineered heating elements will ensure even heat distribution so your waffles will be baked perfectly, and with seven different browning controls from light and fluffy to crispy golden brown, you can have your waffles just the way you like them. The Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker features a ready light that will illuminate to indicate when it’s time to add the batter so you can get deliciously cooked waffles every time. Learn More

    RRP: $209.00


  • Kambrook Golden Pancake Maker

    Start your day the right way with delicious fluffy pancakes for breakfast made with the Kambrook Golden Pancake Maker! Effortlessly achieve excellent results with every use and enjoy two large mouth-watering pancakes in minutes. Boasting a beautiful golden finish, the Kambrook Golden Pancake Maker is a stylish appliance that looks fantastic in any kitchen. Crafted for convenience, the body is compact and features a locking lid for easy storage when not in use. Complete with a non-stick cooking surface, this pancake maker offers easy food release for simple cleaning. Effortlessly create the perfect pancakes from home with the Kambrook Golden Pancake Maker! Learn More

    RRP: $54.95


  • Davis & Waddell Stainless Steel & Aluminium Electric Non-Stick Waffle Maker

    Create delicious sweet and savoury waffles using the high-performance Davis & Waddell Stainless Steel & Aluminium Electric Non-Stick Waffle Maker! Ideal for expanding your breakfast repertoire, this appliance enables you to create perfect waffles from home. It is designed with deep non-stick plates for preparing authentic Belgian-style waffles and is compact and easy to use. The waffle plate diameter is 18cm divided into four segments and comes equipped with a temperature control dial to achieve the ideal level of golden brown. Complete with an instruction manual for ease of use, the Davis & Waddell Electric Non-Stick Waffle Maker is a fuss-free way to create delicious breakfasts and snacks! Learn More

    RRP: $79.95


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