Santoku Knives

Every kitchen needs a great multipurpose kitchen knife. Find a wide range of versatile Santoku knives from renowned brands including Global Knives, Wusthof Knives and Japanese brands Shun & Tojiro.

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  • Furi Pro East West Santoku Knife 17cm

    Designed for every day use, the Furi Pro East West Santoku Knife gets the job done precisely and smoothly. This Furi Pro East West Santoku Knife 17cm provides exceptional control. The key features are a tall blade for chopping small pieces of meat and vegetables, a rounded blade providing a smooth chopping motion and the large flat side is perfect for squashing and crushing. With scalloped edges for ease of slicing, these indentations run in the same direction as the knife slices in order for the food to not adhere to the sides of the knife. This versatile knife is a must have for any kitchen. The Furi Pro Knife Range is stain, rust and corrosion resistant due to the durable and tough Japanese stainless steel. Furi knives uniquely wedge shaped handle reduces hand fatigue and is anti-slip making this ideal for professional chefs or home cooking enthusiasts. Each knifes seamless construction is designed for strength, balance and weight. The bolster has been designed for strength, safety and comfort and the seamless construction also eliminates places for food to get trapped in which ensures the ultimate in hygiene. Tech Edge technology allows for extremely sharp edges hardened for optimal shape and shape retention. Furi Pro Knife Range comes with a 25 year guarantee against defects. Furi was established in 1996 and engineered for design, innovation and performance by leading engineers and international chefs. Designed in Australia, only the best modern materials and the latest in knife technology are sourced and used. Innovation is close to the heart of Furi and is the core of everything they do. Learn More

    RRP: $99.95


  • Baccarat Damashiro 14cm Santoku Knife

    Update your knife collection with the Baccarat Damashiro 14cm Santoku Knife. The Damashiro range has been inspired by traditional Japanese craftsman and Samurai sword makers, featuring a distinctive Damascus inspired pattern on the blade. Crafted from the ice hardened Japanese steel, the blades are super rough, resistant and can slice with ease. The Baccarat Damashiro 14cm Santoku Knife features a low tip and broad blade, perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing. Learn More

    RRP: $89.99


  • Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Santoku Knife 18cm

    The perfect all-rounder kitchen knife, Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Santoku Knife 18cm brings German precision and blade smith to your knife collection. With a top quality German stainless steel construction, the blade has been produced with a controlled tempered process to ensure the optimum hardness, toughness and flexibility. The santoku knife is then ice hardened to guarantee a sharp blade and tempered for enriched strength. The Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Santoku Knife 18cm features full tangs that are triple riveted to durable polymer handles, for an ergonomic grip as well as ultimate control. With a Baccarat Lifetime Guarantee, the Wolfgang Starke santoku knife is sure to be an asset to your knife collection for years to come. Learn More

    RRP: $99.99


  • Swiss Diamond Prestige 18cm Santoku Knife

    The Swiss Diamond Prestige 18cm Santoku Knife can make any slicing, dicing, and meal preparing challenge seem like a breeze. Made from an extremely durable, ice hardened steel, the knives in the Diamond Prestige range are as strong as possible. Ergonomically designed handles allow for easy handling, offering complete control while preparing ingredients and serving meals. Use the Swiss Diamond Prestige 18cm Santoku Knife with other pieces from the range for a professional level knife set that will have you cooking like a chef. Learn More

    RRP: $129.95


  • Scanpan Classic Steel 2 Piece Santoku Knife with Granton Edge 18cm & 12.5cm Set

    Prepare delicious meals with optimal comfort and control using the Classic Steel Santoku Knife with Granton Edge by Scanpan! This high-performance knife set is constructed from the finest quality German stainless steel and is rust and odour resistant. Perfect for everyday meal preparation, this knife set comprises of one 12.5cm and one 18cm Santoku Knife. Each knife is perfectly weighted and balanced and equipped with an ergonomic tri-lobal handle design for comfort and control while slicing. Slice and dice like a professional chef with the razor sharp, and precision perfect Classic Steel Santoku Knife Set of 2 by Scanpan! Learn More

    RRP: $169.00


  • Tramontina Professional Santoku Knife 18cm Black

    Make meal prepping easier with the Tramontina Professional Santoku Knife. An essential blade for adventurous amateur cooks and expert-level home chef Learn More

    RRP: $59.95


  • Messermeister Four Seasons Kullenschliff Santoku Knife 18cm

    Prepare delicious meals like a pro using the high-performance Messermeister Four Seasons Kullenschliff Santoku Knife 18cm! Versatile in function, this santoku knife is ideal for chopping all kinds of fresh ingredients. Designed by iconic chef knives, kitchen cutlery and cooking tools experts Messermeister, this knife is a premium addition to your culinary collection. Made from ultra-tough German stainless steel, the Four Seasons Kullenschliff Santoku Knife offers enduring performance and lasting durability. Ideal for both professional chefs and avid home cooks, it is a commercial grade kitchen knife that makes food prep a breeze. Complete with a hygienic moulded polypropylene handle for exceptional comfort and control, this santoku knife is also equipped with a 15-degree cutting edge that Learn More

    RRP: $54.95


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