Paring Knives

Every kitchen needs a great multipurpose kitchen knife. Find a wide range of versatile paring knives from renowned brands including Global Knives, Wusthof Knives and Japanese brands Shun & Tojiro.

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  • Global Paring Knife - GSF15 8cm

    The Global Paring Knife - GSF15 is from the Global GS Series, the supplementary series to the Global G Series, the basic range of kitchen knives for sharp, light and clean use. The Global GSF Series is designed for the most detailed and delicate tasks in the kitchen. The blade of the Global Paring Knife - GSF15 is made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°-58°. The result is a blade with superb edge retention and resistance to stains, rust and corrosion. Each Global Paring Knife - GSF15 is also weighted for perfect balance in the hand. The handles of the Global Paring Knife - GSF15 are designed for exceptional safety and hygiene with smooth contours and seamless construction, eliminating food and dirt traps. Global is known around the world for its top-class kitchen knives. Established in 1985 in Japan, Global forged a world first in one-piece stainless steel kitchen knives. Global Knives are now made from the finest stainless steel and crafted by hand in Niigata, Japan. Today, Global Knives are favoured by high ranking chefs in the world's most exclusive hotels and restaurants. Global Knives also feature regularly on television, in the hands of many famous cooking personalities. From a modest start, the Global Cutlery Range has grown to comprise over fifty specialised knives. You can be sure that there's a blade shape to suit any food preparation task that you care to imagine. Learn More

    RRP: $74.95


  • Kyocera Paring Knife - White Blade Red Handle

    The Kyocera Paring Knife - White Blade Red Handle will quickly become your most used kitchen knife. Designed with a ceramic blade, this knife is sharper than any metal blade in your kitchen and rivals diamonds when it comes to strength. You'll also notice your knife staying sharper for longer than other knife blades on the market. The Kyocera Paring Knife - White Blade Red Handle brings versatility and practicality to your kitchen. Learn More

    RRP: $62.95


  • Furi Pro Paring Knife 9cm

    Designed for every day use and used for all the small cutting tasks, the Furi Pro Paring Knife 9cm gets the job done precisely and smoothly. This Furi Pro Paring Knife provides exceptional control in slicing, coring and peeling small fruits and vegetables. The Furi Pro Knife Range is stain, rust and corrosion resistant due to the durable and tough Japanese stainless steel. Furi knives uniquely wedge shaped handle reduces hand fatigue and is anti-slip making this ideal for professional chefs or home cooking enthusiasts. Each knifes seamless construction is designed for strength, balance and weight. The bolster has been designed for strength, safety and comfort and the seamless construction also eliminates places for food to get trapped in which ensures the ultimate in hygiene. Tech Edge technology allows for extremely sharp edges hardened for optimal shape and shape retention. Furi Pro Knife Range comes with a 25 year guarantee against defects. Furi was established in 1996 and engineered for design, innovation and performance by leading engineers and international chefs. Designed in Australia, only the best modern materials and the latest in knife technology are sourced and used. Innovation is close to the heart of Furi and is the core of everything they do. Learn More

    RRP: $54.95


  • Baccarat Cuisine Pro 9cm Paring Knife

    Update your knife collection with the Baccarat Cuisine Pro 9cm Paring Knife. A paring knife is ideal for peeling and other small or intricate work in the kitchen. The blade has been constructed from quality German stainless steel that tapers in from the handle. The knife has a full tang design where the blade extends up into the handle where it is triple riveted for durability. For a cutting edge performance, the Baccarat Cuisine Pro 9cm Paring Knife is ice hardened and tempered to enhance strength. The shape of the handle makes it comfortable to hold. Learn More


  • Baccarat Damashiro 9cm Paring Knife

    Update your knife collection with the Baccarat Damashiro Paring Knife 9cm. The Damashiro range has been inspired by traditional Japanese craftsman and Samurai sword makers, featuring a distinctive Damascus inspired pattern on the blade. Crafted from the ice hardened Japanese steel, the blades are super rough, resistant and can slice with ease. The Baccarat Damashiro Paring Knife 9cm is a small or intricate work like de-veining a shrimp, ''skinning'' mushrooms or cutting small garnishes. Learn More

    RRP: $69.99


  • Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Paring Knife 9cm

    Perfect for more intricate work like peeling and deveining, the Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Paring Knife 9cm brings German precision and blade smith to your knife collection. With a top quality German stainless steel construction, the blade has been produced with a controlled tempered process to ensure the optimum hardness, toughness and flexibility. The paring knife is then ice hardened to guarantee a sharp blade and tempered for enriched strength. The Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Paring Knife 9cm features full tangs that are triple riveted to durable polymer handles, for an ergonomic grip as well as ultimate control. With a Baccarat Lifetime Guarantee, the Wolfgang Starke paring knife is sure to be an asset to your knife collection for years to come. Learn More

    RRP: $49.99


  • Joseph Joseph Elevate Paring Knife 9cm

    Improving your kitchen hygiene is easier than ever before with the Joseph Joseph Elevate Paring Knife. This unique kitchen blade is an essential for every home cook; crafted from premium quality stainless steel with an ergonomically designed handle, the Joseph Joseph Elevate Paring Knife is integrated with a handy tool rest and weighted hilt that not only ensures a secure, precise, and safe grip while in use, but effectively prevents the dirty blade from touching benches, chopping boards, and other work surfaces to reduce mess and improve kitchen cleanliness. The Joseph Joseph Elevate Paring Knife features a 9cm blade that is ideal for prepping small fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Learn More

    RRP: $33.95


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