Kitchen Shears & Scissors

Make food preparation simple and easy with our wide range of kitchen shears and scissors from popular knife brands including Global Knives, Victorinox Knives and Wusthof Knives.

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  • Zyliss Household Kitchen Shears 21cm Green

    Zyliss kitchen Scissors are brilliantly designed scissors that offer a very user friendly feel making it enjoyable to use. Zyliss kitchen scissors feature extra sharp stainless steel blades perfect for opening taped boxes, cutting herbs, snipping herbs and also includes an intergrated box snipper. Zyliss scissors have comforable non-slip handles that allow you to stay on task even when your hands are wet. These Zyliss scissors are suitable for most kitchen uses except for heavy duty tasks such as cutting bones. They are also suitable for dealing with everyday household activities including cutting paper and fabric. Zyliss is a swiss innovative brand designing the finest kitchenware items since 1948. All Zyliss items are backed with a limited 5 year warranty. Zyliss kitchenware is created with good quality build using sturdy materials offering improvements in achieving results in everyday activities. Learn More

    RRP: $29.99


  • Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors Fire Truck Red


    You cannot beat homemade pizza, there’s just something about making it just as you like it, more cheese, less olives, add chicken and bacon. However you like it, the most stressful part about homemade pizza is cutting it. Those pizza wheels often only partially cut the pizza resulting in a huge mess when it comes to serving time.

    The solution? These pizza scissors, or the Scizza as Dreamfarm have aptly named them!

    Two sharp stainless steel blades measuring 12cm easily slide under your pizza with help from the built in spatula and cut through thin and thick crust pizza with ease. Take advantage of the spatula attached and serve immediately after cutting.

    The nylon base will not scratch any of your cookware and is heat resistant 205°C.

    Also great for pastries and even fabric!

    Learn More

    RRP: $34.95


  • Baccarat Prepare Herb Scissors

    Snip your herbs quickly and evenly with the Baccarat Prepare Herb Scissors. Constructed from stainless steel with large handles featuring a soft silicone lining for a comfortable grip, the scissors are a practical kitchen item you will use for years to come. The Baccarat Prepare Herb Scissors features 5 stainless steel blades allowing you to snip your favourite herbs quickly and evenly. Snip your herbs directly into a pan or on a plate for garnish. Learn More


  • Baccarat iD3 23.5cm Kitchen Shears

    The Baccarat iD3 Kitchen Shears 23.5cm are the perfect addition to any cooks kitchen. The Baccarat iD3 collection represents the very best in cutlery, craftsmanship and technology. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel the shears feature an easy motion-spring loaded action and safety lock. The blade angle is perfect for trimming and snipping whilst being able to power through meat and gristle. The curved blades allow for easier cutting around the bone and tricky hard-to-reach places. The Baccarat iD3 Kitchen Shears 23.5cm handles have been specifically designed and moulded for optimum grip with the iD3 microdots on the major pressure points on the handle to decrease hand fatigue and ensure optimum grip. Learn More


  • Scullery Essentials 5 in 1 Santoku Scissors

    Use the Scullery Essentials 5 in 1 Santoku Scissors to tackle a wide variety of kitchen tasks with ease. The scissors are incredibly versatile, helping you do everything from scaling fish to snipping herbs to use as a garnish. The Scullery Essentials 5 in 1 Santoku Scissors are just one item in this range of essential kitchen items. Pair it with other items in the set to give as a gift for new homeowners, to build a smart and timeless collection of kitchen items. Learn More

    RRP: $21.99


  • Scullery Essentials Set of 5 Measuring Cups Colour

    Measure and mix your way to the perfect dish with the Scullery Essentials Set of 5 Measuring Cups Colour. The five piece set includes cups measured in both cups and milliliters, making it easy to use them with any recipe. With this convenient set, you'll always be ready to whip up a new dish in the kitchen. The Scullery Essentials Set of 5 Measuring Cups Colour is made of plastic that will stand up to plenty of use. Learn More


  • Moha Scampo Stainless Steel & Plastic Seafood Shears 19cm Black

    Shellfish preparation is made easy with the Moha Scampo Seafood Shears which lets you get the most out of your seafood meat. Designed in Switzerland, these seafood scissors feature a unique backward cutting design that allows you to easily cut the shell away from the meat without tearing the meat. The comfortable handle grips of the Moha Scampo Seafood Shears feature an integrated shellfish cracker. The Moha Scampo Seafood Shears is just what you need for any and every seafood occasion! Learn More

    RRP: $19.95


  • Baccarat Prepare Poultry Shears

    Cutting through chicken is no problem when you use the Baccarat Prepare Poultry Shears. Featuring powerful curved blades, the shears will make it easier for cutting around bones and tricky hard-to reach place. The Baccarat Prepare Poultry Shears are spring-loaded with a safety lock and feature large handles with a soft silicone lining for a comfortable grip. Learn More


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