Mandolin Slicers

Slice fruits and vegetables with ease with our time saving mandolin slicers and other handy kitchen tools and essentials.

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  • Progressive Smart Slice Mandolin 37cm x 15.5cm

    The Progressive Smart Slice Mandolin is the smart way to slice, julienne and grate! The Smart Slice Mandolin has 4 thickness settings for slices and julienne to make food preparation quick and easy. Its ergonomic hand guard and self-feeding tube for skinny foods are just two more innovative features of the Smart Slice Mandolin. The Smart Slice Mandolin also incorporates an integrated V-Blade Grater and folding legs for easy storage. With its bowl grooves and non-stick feet, the Smart Slice can be secured over a bowl or on the countertop. The smart slice® mandoline is part of the innovative S4™ family. This means it’s sharp, straight, simple and smart. Slice, julienne, shred and grate all with this one great kitchen gadget. The smart slice® design means no loose blades or accessories to lose. Slice or grate carrots, onions, potatoes and more with ease and -Four thickness settings for slicing or making sticks and fries with pop-up julienne blades -Flip up lower portion of the ramp to reveal the S4™ etched medium grating surface -Comfort grip hand guard includes built-in feeder for slicing long produce like carrots or celery -Non-skid base for use on a cutting board or over a bowl -Lock ramp into the closed position for safer cleaning and storage. -The Smart Slice Mandolin is dishwasher safe. Learn More

    RRP: $89.95


  • D.Line Salad Bar Spiral Vegetable Slicer

    Impress your guests with your culinary skills.  D.Line have done it again with this fantastically designed Salad Bar Spiral Vegetable Slicer. 

    This nifty Spiral Vegetable Slicer comes with three different stainless steel blades that easily snap into the base.  They are ideal for slicing cucumbers, shredding lettuce and cabbage as well as cutting chips, hash browns or curly fries from potatoes.  Made from durable plastic with four suction feet to keep the unit in place while in use.  It is incredibly easy to use and will assist in making your meals look as good as they taste.

    D.Line are an innovative and well-known brand that have 30 years of experience in creating and delivering well engineered and top quality products.  D.Line has great experience in sourcing one-of-a-kind products globally and introducing them to the Australian market.  Based in Brisbane, D.Line are all about Diversity in Products – Unity in Design!

    Learn More

    RRP: $49.95


  • Scullery Fresh Prep Foldable Mandolin Slicer

    Slice and cut uniform slices of fruit and vegetables with the professional Scullery Fresh Prep Foldable Mandolin Slicer. Choose from the 3 cutting options which include 2 julienne blade thickness and 1 variable slicing blade. The slicer has an anti-slip base for easy use so it doesn't move around and it also has a safety guard to protect you from accidently hurting yourself. The Scullery Fresh Prep Foldable Mandolin Slicer is dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning. Learn More

    RRP: $49.99


  • MasterPro Chef's Series Stainless Steel Mandolin Multi Slicer

    Make short work of your food preparation with the innovative MasterPro Chef’s Series Stainless Steel Mandolin Multi Slicer! Taking the hassle out of manual slicing, this high-performance kitchen tool creates perfectly sliced, cubed and julienned vegetables and fruit in seconds. It is lightweight in design and features a food holder to keep food securely in place while also protecting your fingers for optimum safety. Equipped with a 1mm, 33mm and 7mm thickness slicing blade, a 3.5mm julienne blade and a 7mm thick julienne blade, this Mandolin introduces versatile slicing options. It features foldable legs for compact storage and comes complete with a slicing guard and a blade storage rack. Enjoy professional quality food preparation experiences with the MasterPro Chef’s Series Stainless Steel Mandolin Multi Slicer! Learn More

    RRP: $69.95


  • Borner V5 PowerLine Mandoline Slicer Basic Set White

    Streamline your meal prep and slice your fruits and vegetables with the Borner V5 PowerLine Mandoline Slicer. Sporting Borner Learn More

    RRP: $72.95


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