Apple & Vegetable Cutter

Find a great range of apple and vegetable cutters including corers and dividers as well as other handy kitchen gadgets from popular brands including Avanti and D.Line.

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  • Inspiralized The Inspiralizer Spiral Slicer

    The Inspiralizer Spiral Slicer is like no kitchen appliance you have ever had before. Taking all your favourite standard vegetables and turning them into 4 different noodle shapes of your choosing, you’ll have the kids asking for veggies in no time!

    With integrated counter clamps, the Inspiralizer is secured to your bench for safe and sturdy use while you produce your desired noodles. Blade A is your widest producing blade, giving you thick, wide ribbons of veggies. Blade B, C and D create fettuccine, linguine and spaghetti noodles respectively.

    The sturdy design is sleek and safe (cover ensures no blades are exposed) and comes with all the instructions you could need. The Inspiralizer requires no assembly and is exceptionally easy to clean with a palm brush and soap and water.

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    RRP: $99.99


  • Scullery Apple Cutter

    Smart kitchen tools like the Scullery Apple Cutter can help to make every day tasks quick and simple. Eliminating the need to carefully slice apples with sharp knives, the apple cutter allows you to easily core and cut your fruit perfectly, with consistent slices, every time. Whether you're making apple slices for a pie or a mid morning snack, the Scullery Apple Cutter makes the job easy. Learn More


  • Soffritto A-Series Stainless Steel Apple Corer

    Simple kitchen tasks are easy to take on with products like the Soffritto A-Series Stainless Steel Apple Corer. Use this smart and simple tool to quickly take the core from your apple, leaving you with perfect slices for snacking or baking with. The Soffritto A-Series Stainless Steel Apple Corer is made with stainless steel, for precise cuts and consistency. The Soffritto A-Series Stainless Steel Apple Corer is part of the affordable and high quality line of cooking tools from Soffritto. Learn More


  • D.Line Crinkle Vegetable Cutter Stainless Steel

    Give your dinner some added pizazz with the D.Line Stainless Steel Crinkle Vegetable Cutter. The stainless steel blade of the vegetable cutter easily slices through vegetable, thick or thin. The D.Line Stainless Steel Crinkle Vegetable Cutter creates a crinkle cut that adds an element of design to vegetables and creates crinkle cut chips with ease. An ergonomic handle makes cutting comfortable. Give shape to your meal with the D.Line Stainless Steel Crinkle Vegetable Cutter. Learn More

    RRP: $4.99


  • Kilner 1L Spiralizer Set

    Preparing delicious and healthy meals is easier than ever with the Kilner 1L Spiralizer Set. Use the tool to turn your favourite vegetables into a healthy pasta alternative with a simple process. The spiralizer attaches to the jar to collect the vegetable noodles you create, and a lid keeps the contents fresh until you're ready to use them in a meal. The Kilner 1L Spiralizer Set includes recipes to help you plan and create your healthy meals. Learn More

    RRP: $44.95


  • Baccarat Curly Whirly Plus Spiraliser

    Make the healthy switch from regular pasta to veggie noodles with the Baccarat Curly Whirly Plus Spiralizer! Expertly crafted with four different spirals to create the uniform curly noodles of your choosing, the Curly Whirly Plus Spiralizer is guaranteed to bring some fun to your kitchen. Make noodles out of anything from carrots to zucchini, with the Baccarat Curly Whirly Plus Spiralizer healthy dining is a breeze. Complete with an easy turn screw top and a viewing slot, the 3 piece Curly Whirly Plus Spiralizer is simple to clean and makes for an ideal addition to any kitchen. Learn More


  • Chef'n Slicester Strawberry Slicer

    Drop fresh strawberries into the opening and squeeze the handles. Yes, it is that simple! Use the perfectly sliced strawberries to top ice creams, deserts and your salad bowl. The amazing Slicester Strawberry Slicer from Chef'n comes with kids and adult friendly tools, which makes your life easy and safe. Toss sliced strawberries on your kid’s favourite pancakes and serve the perfect Sunday breakfast with a smile! Learn More

    RRP: $39.95


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