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  • Chef'n Flexicado Avocado Slicer

    Add more healthy fats to your diet easily with the Chef'n Flexicado Avocado Slicer. This handy little gadget from the Chef'n brand lives up to its namesake of a perfect fusion of form and function. The Flexicado Avocado Slicer is crafted from durable nylon, which will resist every-day wear and tear, so you can enjoy avocados to your heart's content, and your hair and skin will thank you! The Chef'n Flexicado Avocado Slicer is a cinch to use - simply use a firm scooping motion from one end through the other end of the avocado half, and you'll have perfect slices, whether you're mashing them for your signature guacamole, or presenting them neatly on a salad. Best of all, the Chef'n Flexicado Avocado Slicer is completely dishwasher safe. Learn More

    RRP: $20.95


  • Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Crusher

    The Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper is the easy way to chop garlic. You simply peel your garlic, pop it in the Garlic Zoom and then roll it back and forth - it is that easy! Made from BPA-Free plastic with quality stainless steel blades and dual gears it effortlessly chops up garlic and keeps your hands free of garlic odour. The blade is removable for easy cleaning and the Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper is dishwasher safe on top rack. Learn More

    RRP: $29.99


  • Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press

    Save your hands from smelling like garlic for a week with the Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press. The Garlic Machine perfectly minces your cloves with a simple twist of the handle. You can even use this device to store your garlic for later use, keeping it air-tight and fresh. The Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press is all that we've come to expect from the Chef'n brand - the merger of form and function. You will be proud to display the Garlic Machine in your home, just as you will be relieved to use it. You can even mince multiple cloves at once! Minimize your prep time and save your knife blades for the vegetables and proteins. The Chef'n Garlic Machine Garlic Press also makes a wonderful gift for any home cook in your life. And when you're through, simply place the Garlic Machine in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Learn More

    RRP: $27.99


  • Chef'n Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder

    Brew a cup or two of your favourite local and imported roasts with the Chef’n Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder. Compact and fully adjustable to your preference, the Chef’n Manual Coffee Grinder allows you to grind up to 2 cups of your favourite roast coffee beans quickly, cleanly, and easily with a simple rotary function. With an open design that’s easy to fill, the Chef’n Manual Coffee Grinder fits neatly over jars, carafes, and French presses for instantly fresh coffee. Learn More

    RRP: $104.95


  • Chef'n Angled Edge Walnut Spatula 32cm

    Upgrade your kitchen accessories with the Chef’n Angled Edge Walnut Spatula. Crafted from quality walnut wood for a dark and rich colour, the Chef’n Angled Edge Walnut Spatula is the perfect utensil for use with non-stick cookware. With a patterned handle that provides a comfortable grip and an angled blade, the Chef’n Angled Spatula is ideal for mixing, scraping, and cooking. The Chef’n Angled Edge Spatula is heat resistant to 200 degrees. Learn More

    RRP: $31.95


  • Chef'n Bramble Berry Basket

    Wash, drain, and store fresh berries and fruits in the Chef’n Bramble Berry Basket. This handy berry container is the ultimate storage accessory made with food safe plastics and featuring a clear body with a bright red interior basket and airtight lid. Wash and drain berries in the removable inner basket, then store with confidence in the Bramble container. The Chef’n Bramble Berry Basket is stackable for space saving storage and top rack safe for easy cleaning. Learn More

    RRP: $32.95


  • Chef'n Glass Countertop Sprouter Growing Kit 11 x 13cm/700ml White

    If you’re a lover of DIY projects, the Chef’n Sprouter Growing Kit is the perfect addition to your culinary collection! Intelligently designed to grow sprouts straight from your kitchen countertop, this device boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that looks great in any culinary space. It creates the perfect environment for growing sprouts and is equipped with an ingenious ventilation system that fights off mould. Simply place your seeds to sprout in the glass vessel and fill with water to soak, then secure the lid and flip upside down to drain the water. Through the screen in the lid, rinse and drain sprouts twice daily and open the adjustable screen to filter out seed husks as needed. Keep the Chef’n Sprouter Growing Kit out of direct sunlight and enjoy excellent results with every use! Making sprout growing simple and convenient, this device is dishwasher safe and makes a delightful gift for birthdays, housewarmings and other special occasions! Learn More

    RRP: $76.95


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