Enjoy professional cooking results with the Aquaport range of kitchen appliances. Each piece is designed with functionality, durability and professional quality in mind, to ensure the best tasting food and drinks every time. The products developed by Aquaport have been created with the professional kitchen mind, offering the quality required for everyday demands, but in a simple to use package. As seen on Masterchef 2014, the Aquaport range includes Aquaport Sous Vide Pro, a water bath based device favoured in restaurants for its temperature accuracy, perfectly thorough cook and infusion of flavours. This is used in tandem with the Aquaport VacPro Home Vacuum Sealer or Aquaport Premium Home Vacuum Sealer, a vacuum sealer that removes all air from its storage bag for either cooking in the Sous Vide machine, or for storing that lasts five times longer than traditional methods.

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